Oni.Manius is a group of young artist and designer who share passion for architectural visualization

and computational design.


Oni.Manious Who are we ?

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Oni.Manius is a group of creative artists and designers who share passion for architecturalvisualization
and computational design. We realize that the recent world of 3D design is the perfect way to help clients
to visualize their perfected design projects, from commercial scale to private homes. Being inspired by
the world around us, from nature’s organic forms to lifestyle needs of society, we aim to produce 3D designs
signs that offer you a new clarity in the way that you can visualize and experience your project.

Our Ethos

We aim to apply our high level of cooperation between our team members and client relationships in order to apply the most positive and caring level to our work, maximizing the highest level of finished quality


By communicating carefully with you at every stage will develop a concise understanding of your needs in order to produce the finished design that follows your specific requirements


Our team of 3D designers has worked closely with a client base of architects, designers, and developers on 5* resorts, commercial spaces,and exceptionally comfortable private homesin Vietnam (and internationally).Some of our customers include works for hotel groups such as: Accor, Radisson Blu, and applications forSBID awards….


With a focus on beauty in the 3D design spectrum, we continually add enjoyment to our work, and thus we recognize that beauty will always be one of our key end goals for any given 3D visual work as perceived by our customers and our team

Core team


3D Artist
Specialised parametric modeling



Fluent in English and Japanese


3D Generalist

Master various softwares


3D Animator

Multimedia designer & 2D Artist


We combine our comprehensive knowledge and experience in architectural, interior, and landscaping design to produce high quality 3D renderings that are tailored precisely to suit our clients’ needs

Additional Services upon request

  • 1. Computational design support
  • 2. Competition visualization
  • 3. Design Collaboration
  • 4. Marketing campaign materials for developers



Our Process:
We integrate our core work flow stages and structure into the specific needs of each customer and client. Therefore we tailor an efficient process and work flow for each given project, architecture, interior and development. We consistently focus on achieving the maximum benefit and ease of process for each individual project


Additional Services upon request

We can work with different amounts of source materials that come in different format (handsketch, CAD drawing, SketchUp model .... ).In order to make the renders as accurate as possible,
we prefer to receive the full technical task before starting the production of the project. That includes a detailed description of important details,
technical drawings, reference materials for lighting atmosphere, colors, specific details, etc. You can include all the information you have available for the project.

Normally it take 4 to 7 weeks to complete a project
We understand that the timeframes can be a very important factor for our clients and we treat that very seriously. We can discuss the working schedule for each project before we
start working on it.

In order to offer rendering work to the highest standard, we understand that the design and rendering process takes a precise care and attention and thus our
recommended timeline is optimum. If in the situation that you need high quality work at a shorter timeline, this may incur a higher fee in order to structure
the artists and workforce accordingly to meet the quality results. We do not recommend faster timelines,as the highest quality outcome of your desires will require careful attention over the optimum time period.

We strive to make working with us comfortable for our clients, so changes to the workflow are negotiable in order to match our clients' preferences..