Welcome to Oni Manius


ONI.M is a group of young artist and designer who share passion for architectural visualization and
computational design.


The Oni Manus team are known for keeping a focus on elements of new and old trends in design and design technology, which inspire and influence the highest quality work in the present. The inclusion of a conceptual thought, a technical understanding, and the forward thinking movements in virtual reality space, Oni Manius is able to give the client a refreshingly state-of-the-art package tailored to your requests.

Parametric design

Oni Manus specializes additionally in the emerging realm of parametric design for architecture and interior.
We have the capacity and experience to produce unique applications of parametric design details in 3-dimensional space. Having been inspired by nature’s organic form and the evolving trends in international architecture we are able to incorporate your precise visions for parametric structure, whether it be a façade or furniture element